Meet Chantel West

Owner and Head Group Travel Specialist

I love being in position to help create experiences and memories in any capacity. As far as I can remember, whenever there's a special occasion or just the idea of me and my close friends getting together to hang out, I would be that individual that would "put something together." I would set the date, research the place we're going to either have dinner, go dancing, or both. Afterwards, I would go back to friends with all the details and excitement that we couldn't wait to see each other again in the next week or a few days to hang out!

Then when the day arrives, I made it my business to make sure everyone was going to enjoy themselves and have a great time! Why? Because if my friends were enjoying themselves, I felt like my assignment was accomplished in "putting something together." So waht started as just that go-to person to "put something together" for a couple of friends slowly over the years transitioned to the year 2017 when I decided to join the travel industry as a travel specialist for group travel.

My commitment to you as a travel specialist is to make sure your group travel/retreat is memorable and less stressful. Take care of all the necessary small details in your itinerary, providing support and point of contact from your initial booking all the way to arriving home back from your trip.

So, are you ready to take the next step closer to your group travel or retreat? Make sure you connect with me so we can schedule your complimentary consultation via Zoom. I can't wait to chat with you and see what you want to "put together" for your group.

Talk to you later!