Group Travel That Brings Like Minded People Together

At D.O.E. Excursions Travel, we plan and managed your travel with decency, order, and excellence (D.O.E.). Prepare yourself to experience custom-designed itinerary, built for your group that creates memories and bonds.

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Personalized Service


Custom Built Itineraries

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Thorough Communication

How does working with D.O.E. Excursions Travel looks like?

Step 1 - Let's Connect - Hopping on a complimentary consultation call via Zoom, we can chat about the travel destination, style of traveling, budget and more so a customized itinerary can be created for your group. We want to hear about the vacation or retreat you're dreaming of for your group.

Step 2 - Let's Research - After you take care of retainer fee, we'll begin researching tailored options for your group vacation. We have a diverse network of travel vendors we connect to make sure your trip is memorable and special. Two (2) itineraries will be sent for you to review, then we'll come together to perfect one of them until you're too excited and anxious to pack your bags and get onto your vacation!

Step 3 - Let's Book the Group - Here's the easy part! You get to notify your group of the upcoming trip...get them excited and ready to book! We take care of all the travel booking for you, from flights and hotel/cruise accommodations to your specialized tours, airport transfers, and even reservations for our group meetings and dinners. Your group will have their own booking page website for payments and access to itinerary details.

Step 4 - Off You Go - Your group is ready for a time of relaxation, fun, and creating those memories! While you and your group depart for the trip, rest assure you will have support from D.O.E. Excursions Travel during your time at your destination to the time you're back home. If any issues arise during the trip, we can be reached via phone or email, and we'll take care of it for you.